Earl of Wainthorpe

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Could you ever love the unrepentant rake who won you in a wager?

He didn’t gamble on losing his heart when he won her at the gaming tables.
Pierce, the Earl of Wainthorpe has finally thwarted his worst enemy. Except he can’t revel in his victory after winning his foe’s ward in a winner-takes-all wager. If Pierce refuses to assume Bianca Salisbury’s guardianship, the fiery-haired beauty with a matching temper may very well find herself sold to the highest bidder.

The shameful secret she guards makes it impossible to love a rogue.
Desperate to escape her blackguard cousin, Bianca Salisbury ventures to London to find a husband or employment. Instead, she’s bartered to a notorious rakehell. She either risks being compromised and accepts The Earl of Wainthorpe’s protection, or flees him and her guardian. But without money and a place to go, she fears she’ll face the same tragic fate as her mother.

Caution: This romance features a sexy, irredeemable scoundrel determined to thumb his nose at the haut ton, a saucy country miss unafraid to speak her mind but terrified of even a hint of scandal, a unlikely aristocratic matchmaker, a trio of busybody sisters you’ll adore, and a very pregnant calico that is convinced humans are only around for her convenience.

For a page-turning Historical Romance novel brimming with Regency England’s rakish dukes and rapscallion lords, read this passionate adventure sprinkled with suspense and humor. You won’t be able to put it down.

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“…very emotional… lots of fun.”  ~Petula

 “Funny, touching and altogether wonderful.” ~Layne

 “I couldn’t stop reading it once I started!”  ~Sara Collins

“Loved the characters, loved the story.” ~Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill

“I love all books by Collette Cameron but this is now one of my favorites. Highly recommended!” ~Monika

“Another amazing story. Magic… wonderful fiction.” ~Nicole Laverdure

“Will make you sigh with delight.” ~Melonie

Loved this story from beginning to end.” ~Karie Maass


Whispering commenced in the corridor—rather loud feminine whispering—a trice before his door flew open.

 “Pierce Baxter Maximillian Chamberlain,” Lenora chided. “I’d never have thought you capable of such shenanery. I’m truly appalled, Wainthorpe.”

Wainthorpe? Nora never addressed him by his title. She was in a proper dither. And for her to invade his bedchamber, appeared to have taken leave of her senses as well.

“Good morning to you too, Lenora.” Pierce cracked an eyelid open, then flopped onto his back and yawned without bothering to cover his mouth. “I must say, I’ve never known you to depart your chamber before ten. What’s the special occasion?”

Resplendent in a dark blue redingote and matching silk bonnet, she frowned her disapproval as she marched to the window, and then yanked open the draperies.

Sunbeams, much too cheerful and bright for a May morning in London, spilled into the room.

He squinted against the lancing pain behind his eyes.

No more brandy for him. Ever.

“We,” she motioned to the doorway where his other sisters stood, hesitant half-smiles curving their mouths, “surmised our intervention was required when we met dear Miss Salisbury last evening.”

“You met her? Do you know where she is then?” Pierce shot up at once, and the bedcoverings slid to his waist, exposing his naked chest. He sucked in a hissing breath between his teeth and clutched at his exploding head with both hands.

Amanda gasped. “Pierce! For pity’s sake. Have you no modesty?”

“None, Mandy, and I’ll remind you, you are the ones who appeared in my bedchamber at seven in the morning.” She was always the easiest to embarrass.

Rebecca snickered as she sank onto a chair. “Are you completely nude, brother dearest?”

Pierce cocked a brow in answer, and his most outlandish sister laughed outright.

Lenora spun to face him. Arms akimbo, she shook her head, though wry amusement ticked her mouth up a jot. “Must you be scandalous all of the time?”

“I do try.” He gave her a mischievous wink, which softened her disapproval further.

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