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Eight USA TODAY and BESTSELLING historical romance authors bring you great tales of forbidden love from the highlands of Scotland based upon the greatest Celtic legend of forbidden love – a Celtic princess being escorted to her wedding to marry a king ultimately fell in love with her knightly escort. So began a powerful tale of great longing, of love spells, of persecution, and ultimately of a fiery passion borne from an otherworldly source. A love so strong is never meant to die… and reborn in these eight fabulous novellas.

Enjoy these brand-new novellas that will keep you reading long into the night, dreaming of lost loves, of great loves, and of forbidden loves.






Clutching the table’s edge with long slender fingers, Mayra leaned forward, her sapphire eyes sparkling. Lord, but she had the most expressive face and speaking eyes. A long tendril of hair she’d missed coiled across her nape.

“It’s the first time. Ever. Can you believe it? Me, nearly nineteen, and this is the only time I’ve been permitted the trip alone, even though Dunrangour is scarcely three miles away. I hope Mama will let me come by myself more often now.”

He did too, for his time in the village must eventually come to an end, and he must win her over before it did. All of his other attempts to arrange an encounter with her had met with failure. She was, well and truly, supervised.

Mayra gave her head a slightly disgusted, or perhaps frustrated, shake. “Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be constantly chaperoned? It’s bad enough that we so seldom get visitors. At times, I feel we live in a different country, for I have nae idea what happens elsewhere until months afterward.”

Guarded so closely, nae doubt she rarely spoke to a man alone, and yet the pleasure had been his, several times now. For whatever reason, for once, Fate seemed to have granted him favor.

He almost snorted aloud.

Was he actually giving Fate credit for any of this?

Fate whom he’d blamed and cursed soundly for decades about his lot in life?

Mayra’s enthusiasm over such a simple thing, being permitted a solitary trip to the village, both pleased and concerned him.

Had her life truly been so stark as result of their mandated betrothal?


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