Gifts from the Heart: An Anthology

GFTHThe Telltale Heart by Sarah Raplee

Is He the One? by Judith Ashley

Saved by the Ring by Diana McCollum

Be My Valentine by Susan Lute

Dancing on Water by Mercer Addison

Heart of a Highlander by Collette Cameron

The Flaming Heart of Winter by Pamela Cowan

Matchmaker Cat by Jane Killick

Metro Goes to London by Susie Slanina

Rediscover the magic and romance of Valentine’s Day with these nine stories of Gifts From The Heart. Stories of best friends, lost chances, first love, love renewed, and new love will bring a tear to your eye and a little skip in the beat of your heart. 

Read about a wounded warrior saved by a ring. Empathize with two different widows as they strive to overcome their past and open their hearts to trust again. Follow a survivor of the Titanic as she boards another ship and her past and future collide. 

Shiver with the cautionary tale of the prison of love in the legend of Ann’er from the dark world of Thorn. Laugh at the humorous escapades of a young woman led to find love through the questionable assistance of her cat. Then finish this volume by relaxing in the fairy-tale world of a little dog who helps a sad and lonely princess learn to accept the unconditional love of pets. 

“I strongly recommend Collette Cameron’s new Scottish adventure!” ~Nicole Laverdure


Excerpt from Heart of a Highlander


Giselle sent Hugh a swift, unreadable glance before returning her attention to her son.

Her hood slipped backward and exposed her features.

Extraordinary turquoise eyes, framed by lashes so thick, he wondered how she raised her eyelids, twinkled with affection. Her high cheeks and full lips, glowing from the cold, contrasted with her creamy skin. The wind ruffled the silky chestnut curls framing her oval face.

Bending forward a hand’s breadth, Hugh reached behind her and lifted the hood over her head. Her perfume, something light and floral with just a hint of spiciness, wafted to his nostrils. He bent another inch and inhaled.


He’d never tire of her scent.

Tugging the hood lower to protect her face, his hand brushed her velvety cheek.

She gasped, and her gaze flew to mesh with his.

His groin tightened.

A blush swept up the fine lines of her cheeks, and her pink tongue darted out to lick her bottom lip before she bit it and averted her gaze.

Hugh cocked his head and considered her.

Eyes downcast and her breathing shallow, she fidgeted with her plaid, running her forefinger along the frog closure at her throat.

She’s nervous.

A slow grin edged his lips upward at the corners.

Aye, the kind of apprehension a woman displays when she’s interested in a man and unsure her feelings are reciprocated.




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