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Tidbits and Trivia



Fun Facts and Nonsense

CCThis page is about non-writing related trivia related to Collette. If you’re looking for facts about Collette’s career as an author, take a peek here. If you are looking for Collette’s Biography, you need to go here. 

Some of Collette’s Favorite things: I adore dogs, especially dachshunds (I have five dachsies) and I’m crazy about Cadbury Milk Chocolate. I had my first taste in London and that was that! Give me smoked salmon, just about anything pumpkin, shortbread, and fettuccine Alfredo, and I’m yours to do what you will with. Anyone who knows me at all knows I’m a huge fan of cobalt blue, castles, and birds. My favorite flowers are peonies, and I prefer pie over cake.

Things Collette is afraid of or doesn’t like: Spiders, clutter, peas, mushrooms, and heights.

Countries Collette has visited: Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, and Belgium.

States Collette has been to: Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Hawaii, and New Mexico. (I need to see the East coast!)

Top things on Collette’s Bucket List: Visit Scotland, Germany, Italy, and Ireland. Okay how about travel in general? Publish 50 or more books. Take a Hawaiian cruise. (Hubby wants to take an Alaskan cruise. Brrr.) Present a workshop at RWA Nationals. Meet some of my writer friends I’ve only met on social media. Be a grandma! (Kids are you listening?) Visit the Eastern United States. Hire a house-keeper and lawn service. (More time to write then!)

Collette’s jobs until she became a full-time author: Babysitter for husband and wife musicians, motel maid, fast food employee, drug store clerk, clothing store clerk, quick mart employee (that lasted all of two weeks!) receptionist, mail carrier, bank teller and financial services representative, house cleaner (good money in that!), para-legal, interior decorator, educational assistant, transition specialist, and finally, teacher. I started working when I was twelve-years-old and most of those jobs were while I was in high school and college. Boy how times have changed! Oh, I almost forgot the most important job: mom to three amazing kids!

Weird or interesting tidbits about Collette: I’m a nerd. Yep, it’s true. I was named most studious in high school and graduated summa cum laude from Oregon State University with a 3.98 GPA, and graduated from with a master’s degree in teaching with a GPA exceeding 4.0. (Extra credit, ya know!) My pituitary cavity is empty (the darn gland has to be in there somewhere). I have sung competitively, and I’ve never had a traffic ticket.


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