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Ayva, Collette’s canine writing assistant. She’s sat on Collette’s lap during the writing of every book except Highlander’s Hope

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When did you decide you wanted to be an author?
I confess, I wasn’t one of those authors who knew from the time I could hold a pen or pencil I wanted to be an author. Though I’ve always enjoyed writing, I didn’t sit down to write my first historical romance until February 2011. I’d toyed with the idea of writing a book “someday” but had no intention of writing a romance. A had a scene bouncing around in my head and wanted to see if I could write an entire novel around it. I did, and the result was Highlander’s Hope. I didn’t consider myself an author until I had three books published, though.

When you’re not writing, what do you do?
I used to be a substitute teacher, but now that I’ve become an obsessed writer, I’ve put that career aside. I enjoy gardening, though again, writing has dipped into my time outdoors playing in the dirt. I also love hikes (In Oregon we have lots of beautiful hiking trails) and because I grew up along the Oregon coast, I get to the beach whenever I can. I’m a bit of a bird-watcher, and I also love to bake, travel, and read, of course!

Why did you choose romance?
I started reading Barbara Cartland romances at the tender age of thirteen. Nope, my mom didn’t know. I soon became a voracious reader. When I discovered Kathleen Woodiwiss, all was lost. I became a historical romance addict, going so far as to name my daughter Brianna after Heather Brianna in The Flame and the Flower. Though I loved reading romance, I didn’t set out to write the genre, but after completing my first novel, I was good and hooked. I only wish I’d started sooner!

Do you have any other genres you’d like to write?
Oh, indeed I do! I have a Young Adult series I’m dying to start, and I also have a time-travel series, an inspirational paranormal series, an inspirational series, and even some contemporaries burbling around in my head. Well, actually, I write the ideas down in a notebook because there are simply too many to keep track of.



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