A Midsummer’s Kiss

Enjoy A Midsummer’s Kiss this summer! Spend time with some of your favorite USA Today Bestselling and award-winning historical authors as they bring you a fabulous collection of kisses. This set includes these stories –

Her Scandalous Wish by COLLETTE CAMERON – A stolen moonlight kiss, the threat of a duel, and the subsequent scandal result in a marriage offer obligated by duty and an acceptance compelled by desperation.

Enticed by Lady Elianna by AMANDA MARIEL – Lady Elianna has been forced into servitude by her cousin. Still she dares to dream. Lord Sinclair is intrigued by her and determined to discover her secrets. Might he be the key to her freedom?

RONE Award finalist – The Redemption of Julian Price by VICTORIA VANE – She gave him a chance to bury his past… but the price would be his heart…

A Legendary Love by CATHERINE KEAN – When a freak accident almost causes Lady Helena Marlowe, Tavis de Rowenne’s intended, to drown, she vows never to see or speak to him again. Yet, when her father falls ill, Tavis might be the only one who can save him. Does she dare to trust the roguish Scot with dangerous secrets?

Lady and the Scot by HILDIE MCQUEEN – Entangled in different battles, destiny brings two lovers together in a way neither of them imagined.

Lord Quickthorn’s Bargain by BARBARA MONAJEM – To save her sister’s virtue, must Gwen sacrifice her own? Worse, will the promise of passion make her long to do so?

Caroline and the Captain by MAGGI ANDERSEN – A mysterious death, a secret from the past. Can an arranged marriage become a love match?

And Then The Moon by ALLY BROADFIELD – Lady Madalene’s father demands that she marry before the end of the season, but when she receives an offer from Lord Alstead, her father refuses to give his permission for her to marry him.

Cherished Protector of Her Heart by LAUREL O’DONNELL – The honored LADY of Acquitaine prepares for her upcoming marriage. Her BETROTHED battles the unwanted visitors that have come for more than just celebration. Will his past catch up to him and ruin all he has fought so hard to protect?

Collette Cameron Historical Romances

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